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  • Candlemas
    Some customs associated with the feast of Candlemas (February 2). In Ultzama (I-034-B) how were the candles. "Espermak" were other small candles. On Candlemas Day carried the candles to the church to bless (listen from 27m 09s). In Aezkoa (IR-008), the day of Candlemas candles are blessed and foods. When came the thunder, lighting a candle and prayed in silence.
  • St. Blaise
    Some customs associated with the feast of St. Blaise (February 3). In Unzu, the day of St. Blaise, people kept the bread and holy water for the whole year (listen from 19m. 00s.). (in Spanish)
  • St. Agatha
    St. Agatha: February 5. The Eve of St. Agatha (St. Ageda Bezpera in Euskera), the fourth of February, it is customary in many villages in Navarre out to sing songs in honor of the saint and take up a collection. Here are some examples.

  • Lent

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